What happens if my college essay is too long

In this guide, we'll cover what the standard college essay length is, how much word limits matter, and what to do if you aren't sure how long a.
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Spend some time doing content and structure edits. Figure out what you want the essay to convey about your personality, and determine whether your essay actually gets this across. Do some structural editing. Pay attention to sentence flow, the length of paragraphs, overall organization. If your essay is too long, try to cut down on unnecessary information. Pay close attention to the way that you have structured paragraphs and make sure each one makes sense. Synthesize the comments you received on your essay.

Cut your essay down to the word limit — ask yourself which anecdotes, details, and adjectives are truly necessary. Work on grammatical and other small edits. Look for minor things that need to be corrected, such as punctuation and word choice. This process requires a few dedicated hours. Aim to really spend some time polishing your language. Reading your essay aloud can be a productive way to accomplish this.

How to Shorten Your College Essay Without Ruining It!

Spend the whole day with your essay. Every few hours, do a reread and see if you can catch any small last minute edits. Spend the morning coming up with ideas for your essay. Choose one, and use the afternoon to write it. Email this draft to teachers, and show it to your parents.

Then, take a few hours off, and later at night, read it through to edit for content. Does the essay say what you intended it to? Check your email throughout the day. When you get edits back, start incorporating those into the essay.

Can you go over the word limit in a college essay?

Spend the day doing structural edits. Every hour, take a thirty minute break from editing. By the end of the day, you should have an essay that fits within the word limit and also has a strong flow. The organization should be good, and you should be able to see how the essay builds upon itself.

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The name of the game today is small edits; look for grammar, word changes, and minor sentence structure changes. Move on to the next tip. If not, see if you might have already written an essay to any of the available prompts. Especially if the prompts are open-ended, you may have already addressed a potential topic in previous school papers. Look through your files to see if you have any essays that you might be able to recycle.

the "WHY US" college essay: DOs and DON'Ts

This will help keep your thoughts in order as you write, especially in such a time-constricted context. Blatant errors will reflect poorly in your application! Then, reread it, and make any necessary corrections—grammar mistakes, typos, sentence flow. Longer breaks between editing sessions will allow you to get the distance necessary to be objective, and to produce the best quality essay you can. Get Essay Help. Day 14 If you do have more than one essay written, it is now time to choose a single essay.

Get some more distance from your writing. Day Last minute edits! Calculate Your Chances. Day 2 Write your essay! Day 5 Do some structural editing.

Days Synthesize the comments you received on your essay. Day 10 Take a break! Day Work on grammatical and other small edits. Day 13 Take a break from your essay! Day 14 Spend the whole day with your essay. Day 15 Submit the essay and take a good nap. Day 2 Check your email throughout the day. Choose your prompts strategically. Make an outline. Get that distance, re-read, and edit. Want more college admissions tips?

We'll send you information to help you throughout the college admissions process. Loved the article? Share it! Short bio.

Is my CommonApp essay too long?

The one I sent off to colleges last weekend was Comparing it to my extended essay for the University of Chicago words , my Common App essay is definitely not as well written, nor is it as creative. However, it does everything that it needs to do. Forcing myself to write a short essay was much harder than having free reign, but in the end, it demonstrates economy of language and forced me to carefully consider word choice and the effectiveness of what I was trying to say.

This request seems a little strange to me. I would not enourage my child to send her essay to the New York Times before she submits it on her common app. If you go too far above the word limit, that says something about your ability to state your ideas concisely. I feel this allows me to reveal more sides of myself, though perhaps not in the depth that words would allow. I wrote a word essay and had no trouble getting into a top 3 liberal arts school. That said, it is a LAC that seems to really value good writing over length. My essay fluctuated between and while I was drafting and my final product was words.

It took a lot of effort and time to get it down to words but it was worth it. I had to make sure that every sentence was relevant and important. I know that what I wrote about I could have expanded for pages longer but I also know that was I wrote is an accurate representation of my personal thoughts and reflections, written in a concise, clear manner in my own voice.

Can you go over the Common App length limit? How long should your essay be?

Several admissions officers wrote him notes about how helpful his essay was in understanding who he was as a person. My Common App essay is one page and words. My guidance counselor, teachers, parents, and classmates have read it and all have praised it without concern for length. Many of you mention UChicago essays; mine is words and has received only positive feedback. Some essays take a lot, some do not. Mine was exactly words but everyone who read it said it was amazing.

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Submitted to Harvard. The purpose of the word count is to get the students to review their essay to make every word count, which saves the readers time and gives them a better perspective of the applicant. The actual limit is the best way I can think of to get this effect, but far from the ideal way.

Some essays that start out as words are excellent at words, but the students are pressured to keep cutting, making the essay worse. Is it just me, or are we missing the point that part of the prompt is, in fact, to stay between and words? Not following directions certainly does not do you any favors. Of course, no one will know if you wrote words, or, heck maybe even Part well, the majority of your writing is addressing the proper audience, and they happen to care about length.

When writing the college essay, even the most distinguished applicants worry about how to set themselves apart. I remember those hard times of preparing to the university.